Code of Conduct for Geneskool Participants 

We require that participants abide by the following rules and code of conduct so that the activities run smoothly and everyone has fun.

Most importantly, participants need to respect everyone in the Geneskool program and those in the surrounding labs. For example, participants need to follow directions from the instructors and guest speakers. It is also important to be polite and courteous by treating others as you wish to be treated.

Participants are required read and accept these conditions to participate in Genome BC's Geneskool Summer Science Program for Teens
1. Be kind, open-minded, and respectful of everyone's opinions and life experiences. No harassment. Nothing that endangers the emotional or physical well-being of an individual or the group will be tolerated. One of the main goals for Geneskool is to create a safe learning environment. If participants experience any difficulties, they should report to an instructor immediately.

2. Participants are expected to attend all days of the program, and be punctual, both in the morning and after lunch. There are many activities throughout the day, so we will start on time and not wait for stragglers. If participants have not arrived within 30 minutes of the start time, parents/guardians and/or emergency contacts will be notified.

3. Please wear clothing appropriate for a laboratory; this includes full length pants, closed shoes (sandals and flip-flops are NOT permitted), and hair away from face. Any changes to these guidelines will be discussed democratically, in advance. You do not need to wear a lab coat.

4. These activities will be fully supervised by a lab manager and volunteers. Failure to follow proper safety and experimental instructions puts the entire group at risk and will not be tolerated.

5. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are NOT permitted. If participants seem intoxicated, parents/guardians will be notified immediately. If participants are in the possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, the RCMP will be contacted in addition to the parents/guardians.


One or more violations of these guidelines may result
in your removal from the event.

By attending Genome BC's Geneskool Summer Science Program 2022, you agree to these guidelines.

Thank you for helping to ensure that our events are a positive experience for everyone involved.


Reporting and incident: If you see, overhear, or experience a violation of these community guidelines during this event and you would like to report harassment or other disruptive behaviors, please email