Full Name
Catalina Lopez-Correa
Job Title
Chief Scientific Officer
Genome Canada
Speaker Bio
With more than 20 years of international experience in both the academic and private sectors, Catalina Lopez-Correa’s deep understanding of genomics and innovation has inspired leaders in science and industry to collaborate toward solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. Before becoming one of Canada’s leading advocates for genomics, and an international leader in using innovation to solve world challenges, Dr. Lopez-Correa held senior research positions with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly in the US, the renowned deCODE genetics lab in Iceland and two biotech companies in the UK (Genomica and Informax). As part of her commitment to international development, Dr. Lopez-Correa has championed several initiatives aimed at demonstrating the impact of genomics and innovation in developing countries. She is also fully committed to advance equity, diversity and inclusion, with a particular interest in gender equity in science that led her to be a co-founder of the IWS Network (International and Immigrant Women in Science).
Catalina Lopez-Correa