Full Name
Bill Vanderkooi
Job Title
General Manager
Nutriva Group
Speaker Bio
Bill was raised on a local dairy farm in Abbotsford. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1993 with Master of Science in Animal Science, specializing in dairy cattle nutrition and physiology. Starting in 1994, he contributed to the launch of a local company’s dairy feed program and was involved in growing the family dairy farm business resulting with operations in Abbotsford and Saskatoon and milking a total of 800 cows on 3 farms by 2004.

In 2000, Bill started Nutritech Solutions, a specialty feed ingredient business with a focus on distribution and product development. In 2008, he started the Vitala Foods brand that now includes Vitala eggs and yogurt, EcoDairy milk and ice cream, and Freebird Eggs. In 2009, he founded Nutriva, a group of grassroots businesses with a focus on innovation in the dairy, egg and beef sectors. In 2010, Bill helped to establish the not-for-profit EcoDairy, an agritourism destination in partnership with Science World.

Since 2010, Nutriva’s Bakerview Farm has expanded to include indoor, vertical grass production for a grass-fed beef program marketed as Hank’s Grass-fed beef. In addition, with the use of IVF technology and a brood stock partner, Bill has recently launched full-blood Wagyu production marketed as HIRO Wagyu beef.

The farm is active in research and development and has completed many trials from feeding vitamin D enriched feeds to layer hens to currently feeding hydroponic grass to lactating dairy cows

Today, Bill and his wife own and operate the Nutriva Group, which focuses on the food value chain- including feed, farm, and food. Nutriva’s vision is to improve health and well-being through innovation and collaboration. A husband and father of five active kids, Bill finds time to travel with his family and keep health doing CrossFit.
Bill Vanderkooi