Full Name
Aria Hahn
Job Title
Koonkie Inc.
Speaker Bio
Aria has successfully built Koonkie Inc., a bioinformatics service company delivering big data analyses to academic institutions, and large companies including NASA and Nestle Tollhouse. Koonkie has released an App on the Apple Store entitled, "The Microcosmos", aimed at engaging the public in the beautiful and fascinating world of genomics, and discovered and published several new species of microorganisms. At Koonkie she leads a team that works with data from all over the planet (with implications beyond). Together the team at Koonkie creates tailored informatics solutions grounded in extensive biological knowledge allowing clients to spend time using your data to build and improve your research and add value to companies and projects. Through the Mining Microbiome Analytics Platform (MMAP) Koonkie is helping build an integrative framework that links and collects microbial data from a variety of sources in order to develop technologies that use microbes as effective agents for cleaner ways to extract metals and greener ways to leave mines when the sites are no longer operational.
Aria Hahn