Full Name
Parveen Bhatti
Job Title
Scientific Director, BC Generations Project
BC Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC)
Speaker Bio
Dr. Parveen Bhatti is a molecular epidemiologist whose internationally recognized research program has focused on using biomarkers (e.g., genomics, methylomics, metabolomics), in the context of population-based studies, to identify and better understand the impacts of environmental and behavioural factors (e.g., sleep, night shift work, obesity, ionizing radiation, built environment) on cancer risk. His goal is to use the insights offered by such an approach to uncover targets for enhanced screening and prevention activities with which to reduce the population burden of cancer. Much of Dr. Bhatti’s research is now centered on the BC Generations Project (BCGP), of which he is the Scientific Director. BCGP is the province’s largest ever cohort study with extensive data and biospecimens for nearly 30,000 participants that have been supporting innovative population health and clinical research. Dr. Bhatti has been working to unlock the full potential of the BCGP through expanded data linkage activities, additional biospecimen collection, and generation of state-of-the-art omics data using BCGP’s extensive biorepository.
Parveen Bhatti