Weekdays only, 10am-3pm Pacific Daylight Time

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able…

Day 1: To observe and identify pieces of evidence in a crime scene and use appropriate tools to investigate their importance in determining suspects.

Day 2: To understand the principles of ELISA and Blood Typing and their use in helping to identify evidence against suspects and toxicology reports.

Day 3: To understand tools used to compare sequences of DNA and have an understanding of inheritance patterns and their use in family trees.

Day 4: To use PCR or BLAST to identify unique identifiers in persons to narrow down suspects, as well as use a family tree to understand relationships between suspects and victims

Day 5: To compare video and data collected on previous days to identify a suspect and form a cohesive argument that supports their decision; they should be able to justify their accusations with evidence and be able to present their conclusions to the other attendees