“Biodiversity Conservation in the Age of Extinction”

Genome BC was thrilled to present Dr. Carolyn Hogg, co-lead of the Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group at the University of Sydney, Australia, as the speaker at the 2022 Don Rix Distinguished Keynote Address.

Dr. Hogg is a conservation biologist who has been working with threatened species for over twenty-five years. She brought her wit, wisdom and a wicked collection of wildlife stories to the stage.

What you'll learn in this recording

  • The three pillars of diversity that underpin all life on earth
  • How severe forest fires and other environmental impacts resulting from climate change have over 1 million species facing extinction
  • How genomics is an essential tool to preserve biodiversity
  • The existing gaps in genomic resources for wildlife conservation 
  • Ways an innovative coalition is integrating genomics into species recovery
  • And about her incredible work with Tasmanian devils and koalas