"it's not what we think, or what we know, it's what we do that matters."

~ Dr. Carolyn Hogg

Genome BC is thrilled to present Dr. Carolyn Hogg as this year’s speaker at the Don Rix Distinguished Keynote Address. Dr. Hogg will use Australian case studies of the Tasmanian devil and koala to highlight how genomic research is being applied to solve conservation challenges.

Who should attend

This free event is for anyone who cares about Canadian wildlife, nature conservation, and biodiversity and wants to understand how science and genomics are the climate change solution we need to save the planet.  

We welcome all members of the public, students, researchers and industry professionals for an unforgettable evening of inspiring science, thought-provoking conversations, refreshments and networking. 

Why You should attend

Healthy, biodiverse ecosystems sustain life. Yet globally, over 1 million species are facing the threat of extinction, and Canadians increasingly recognize the ever-present danger that the climate crisis poses to our lands, farms, seas, wildlife and forests.  

As the biodiversity crisis deepens, you will learn why this year’s talk highlights how turning to technological solutions will help us alleviate the ever-increasing stress humanity is placing on nature. 

Dr. Carolyn Hogg

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Getting to the Event

When:  Thursday, September 15, 2022. 

4:00 – 4:30 PM Registration
4:30 – 6:00 PM Keynote Address and Q&A
6:00 – 7:00 PM Reception

Where: Vancouver Convention Centre West Building

Who was Don Rix?

Dr. Donald B. Rix

Dr. Donald B. Rix, the innovator and a philanthropist for whom this event is named after had a broad palette of interests: medicine and science, education and the arts. He was a recipient of the Order of Canada, the Order of BC and one of the co-founders of Genome BC.

Don believed that technology and innovation were the fundamentals upon which to build the future of British Columbia. In a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade, he explained that technological innovation transcends all boundaries.  He said:

"Not only does it create new industry sectors and new jobs, which in turn, boost economic output, it also provides traditional industries with advances that allow them to be more productive and competitive. Most importantly, technology improves every aspect of life by coming up with new ways to address important social issues."

Don was a visionary and a pioneer. Throughout his life he looked for gaps and created opportunities to fill them. As a physician Don saw the need for better diagnostics and helped to co-found a system of clinical labs across Canada — better known today as LifeLabs. 

Don had a keen interest in biotechnology and as the Chair of our Board through our formative years. his influence on the development of Genome BC is still felt today. We should never lose sight of his vision or his spirit of collaboration — this has guided  trajectory over the last 20 years.

When we lost Don in 2009, we decided to recognize his legacy by establishing this Annual Keynote Address — to continue to inspire our community. Don would approve of the keynote speakers we have invited over the years and the speaker at this year’s event is no exception.

Previous Keynote speakers

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